Section 30,9N12W Interest

Had an inquiry today about minerals in Sec 30, 9N, 12W. The inquiry was made by Landman representing King Energy LLC. We should be contacted by them soon.

I'd like to know if anyone else has had interest in this area and if anyone has had experience with King Energy LLC?

I posted the wrong section. It’s Section 30-6N-12W. Received the letter with an offer for 150(3/16), 175(5/32) or 200 (1/8) per acre with a 3 year term plus additional 2 years at 100% of the original lease. Offer to buy 375 per acre. Selling at this price is probably out of the question. This is less than our last lease in 2007 or 2008 which never came to anything. Haven’t seen an actual lease, just the offer letter. Any advice?

I recently leased to King Energy in Sec. 14-6N-13W. If it was Randy Moore who contacted you, he is not a landman but owns the company. I had a lot of email conversations with him and research his company on internet. He is an exploration company and has been in the business for many years. He's offering you more per acre to lease than I was paid.

Thanks for the information Patricia. I’ll email him today.

I re-read your email and I had mis-read it before. He is offering for lease close to what I leased for - he was offering to buy for than he did me, but I am not selling.