Section 30 9N-4W McClain County, OK


I’m fortunately hearing that “interest is huge” in 9N-4W … has anyone heard ANYTHING yet as to deep drilling in Section 30, located along the county’s western edge?

When, as in my case, the leased acreage appears to be “held by production”, I guess that my options are very limited. (Selling is, I’m sure, not optimal.)


There is horizontal drilling all around you. The Dunning #1 well is holding the acreage. You have a very good option which is to hang onto your acreage and wait for future horizontal wells. Do not think that selling is the only option.

Camino Natural Resources just pooled that section in October 2018 and must spud the horizontal well in 180 days. I do not see the permit yet.


Thanks for that very helpful information about Camino’s drilling time-frame. That helps to explain the rash of increasingly higher offers to “sell, sell, SELL!” The Dunning #1 Well was paying our family a mere pittance for many years.