Section 30 8N 4W docs received for upcoming court filings

My brother receved papers today (told me I’m on the list,but I’ve yet to receive) for Sec.30 8N 4W (Sec. 31 8N 4W mentioned, too ?) concerning EOG requesting for… 1.increase Well Density (Trident 3031 #1H) case 201905240 , 2. Multiunit Horizonal Well case 201905242 & 3. Horizontal drilling spacing unit case 201905239. Looks like there will be a 50/50 split between Sec. 30 & 31. Papers basically state for FYI unless one want’s to appear at court,etc. Would like someone to “plainly” explain what the above means. Like is a Well proposed in Sec. 31 going into Sec.30 hense these papers to info lease holders or is there an existing Well ? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick Buscemi

There are actually two horizontal wells. The first one is the Trident 3031 #1H which has been proposed and the Trident 3031 #2H next. If you read the location exception cases (5245 #1 & 5243 #2) , you can see that the locations are different and they list the names of the wells in them. The exhibits to the cases will come at the hearing and you can find them on the OCC website once they are posted. There will be a set of documents for section 30 and a parallel set for section 31. OAP

Thank you very much. When I have more time I will have to start learning how to maneuver that OCC website. Again, you are always so helpful with information , etc. Rick B

Today I received a certified return receipt drilling proposal? Offering $5000/NMA and 1/8 to $1000/NMA 1/4. Not a final pooling.

Many of us prefer the higher royalty and the lower bonus as it usually pays off in the long run. Bonus is only one time, royalty is for the life of the first well and any subsequent wells under the terms of the lease or pooling. You may need to negotiate the lease terms as they are usually in the favor of the operator. If that current letter is from the operator, it is only for information purposes and you do not have to answer it. It means that pooling is soon. That is the order that you must answer in 20 days.