Section 30 2South 4West

I have had an offer to purchase mineral rights for several acres at 4,000.00 per. Is there any activity in this area. I have no experience in Ok. and could sure use your help. My Texas interests have all been leases. This is a first for a purchase. Help!

Quite a bit of pending horizontal activity in the township. Anyone who offers to buy is pretty sure they will make money off of you. In my experience first offers are lowball in the hopes that someone will bite.

Thank you for the information.

I recently received an offer for my net mineral acres at S5 T1S R5W Stephens County, at $9,750 per acre from Rosemary Minerals LLC.
Just wondering if you have found out anymore information on your offer. This is my first offer on this property as I inherited it less than 2 years ago. I’ve decided to do some more investigating as it seems there is a lot of activity in the area.

I am willing to bet Rosemary is a front for Continental

I looked Rosemary Minerals LLC up on Bizapedia and their filing date was April 9, 2019, so brand new?

I just got a call from Rosemary Minerals for some acreage in 1N-5W and they are currently buying for 89Energy. I think she said Mineral Resources Co is buying for Continental. Anyone hear anything similar?

I just sold an acre to Mineral Resources Co. My cousin recently sold his 30 plus acre as to them with good success, so I am going through them Sec 17 1N 5W. 13,500 an acre.

Martha, I’ve heard from Mineral Resources a couple of times, offering around $20,000/nma in 2N/4W. CLR has started a program of buying royalties in sections they are operating in.

I noticed that they seem to be offering slightly higher amounts than others, but still stating that they will be making about 4x their offers (according to another posting). Does anyone have the original source? Was it an investor’s meeting?

Martha, check out slide 15 of Continental’s Barclays CEO Energy-Power Conference Presentation… 4x potential value.

Thanks! Always better to quote the original source. I knew I had seen it, but I read quite a few of the investor updates in the last few weeks and was hoping I had quoted it correctly.