section 295 block 13 H&GNJSURVEY

i am certainly a novice at all this. My family inherited E/295 mineral rights. Started looking on line & found your site. Thanks for all your info' Back in Oct I see the owner of the land in the western half was looking for info on ownership of our part of the section. The Ritchie family owns the mineral rights. If he wants land owners I have that info.would be glad to share. We signed a lease with COG ll This I'm told is a subsidery of CONCHO resources. Has only been since Feb. Wouldlike to know of any permits or news in that general area. Received some right in Doddidge cty W. Va. Leased that to Antero. Terms much better in Reeves. Her we had to sign 5 year lease with a 1/8 royalty & less bonus. Could you explain how a mineral acre is figured, Thanks for your knowledge and timeyou share with us . Gene Rithie

There is some good conversation on this in a previous thread.

I would add that you will not find a US Patent for your land because Texas retained its public lands on joining the U.S. Additionally, you would want to make sure that there are no corrected field notes which could change the acreage in the section. In the case of Section 295 of Block 13 of the H&GN RR Company Survey, a state patent was issued on January 5, 1874. There are corrected field notes filed January or June 5th of 1891, but the gross acreage is still 640 acres, so no problem there.