Section 28, township 7 north, range 2 east

Posted this in the comment section. Sorry. New to this.

West Star Operating owns a lease covering mineral interests I own in Sec 28-T07N-R02E in Pottawatomie County. The original lease was due to expire and I signed a new one in November 2012. Bonus was $250 and check was received promptly. I know nothing about what is going on in Oklahoma. Anyone have any suggestions how I should keep tabs on this. The lease cover letter stated they had not had the opportunity to drill a well but wanted an opportunity to do so.

Received offer to purchase minerals in Sec 28-T07N-R02E, Pottawatomie $500 per net acre. Same tract I re-leased in November 2012. Not selling, but thought I'd pass along the news of this additional activity. Offer was made by Wake Energy.

Wake energy has contacted me about buying rights in Sec 33-T 07North-Range 02E. I don't want to sell, and would prefer to lease, is there any activity re:leasing?