Section 28 T15S R 37E

Has anyone had any leasing interest in this section? What terms have been offered?

Have 15S 37E section 29 and have a renew offer lease for 500 an acre and 1/4 royalty that we turned down. We still have a lease in place until October at 600 & 1/4. Both are 3 year leases

Thank you Paul. By any chance were your leases with Turner Oil and Gas?

Now have an offer for 700nma & 1/4 royalty for 3 year and no option to extend

Thanks Paul. Would you share who made you the offer? Thanks, Jim

Turner Oil & Gas in Oklahoma City and we are still reviewing their offer

Have section 21,31 ..have an offer of $500 with 1/4 Royalty, what have been some other offers?

We own small interests in T15S R38E and just got an offer for $250 pnm + 25% royalty. Seems a little low compared to your offer, Paul's and Jamie's. Will keep updating on progress....