Section 28, Block 55, Township 1

My wife was contacted regarding mineral rights that belonged to her grandparents. Her heirship has been established - she used to own several mineral rights so it was not a total surprise there were more as her grandfather was in the mineral business.

We are presently trying to determine which mineral rights she owns. The only paperwork provided by the offering agency (Y3) was a notorized Sale of Gas and Royalty where rights to 5/640th of the above parcel (Sect. 28/Block 55) was sold.

We were offered monies for her mineral rights, but we don't know what she actually owns and therefore what we might actually be selling! How can we find out? The oil & gas receipt mentioned above states "All of section 28..."

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Good Morning Paul. In Section 27 which is next door to the East of your wife's minerals is a very good oil/gas well(API 301-32867) completed by Anadarko in June 2016. This well starts in Section 22 and ends in Section 27.

Link to Production Data to well 32867:

Section 28 is surrounded by horizontal oil and gas wells and also numerous permitted locations that haven't been drilled or completed. Wolfcamp formation is the targeted zone in this area.

GIS Map of Loving County Section 28/Block 55 T1S/Abstract 1162 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Thank you for your response.

Are these sections each a square mile/640 acres?

Do you happen to know the ‘easiest’ way for me to find out what mineral rights we own on this section?

The only paperwork we have shows the sale of “royalties” to 5/640ths, does that mean we still “own” mineral rights on those 5 acres?

Thanks again!



As Clint mentioned, that is a great area to own minerals. To answer your question about section sizes, a section is typically 640 acres, one square mile, but in certain instances they can be much smaller or larger.

The section you are inquiring about, Section 28, Block 55, T1S, is described on the Texas General Land Office website as being 640 acres.

It is definitely a good idea to find out what exactly it is your wife inherited, rather than relying on what the person that wants to buy the interest is stating she owns. It sounds like she may only own a royalty interest (only receives revenue when production from the land occurs) but it is possible she owns a mineral interest, in which case she could lease the minerals, perhaps for more money than the unsolicited purchase offer.

The best way to find out what she owns is to have title examination performed by a landman. By the sound of things, there could be other properties in the county that she owns as well.

Based on where this property is located, I would be hesitant to sell the interest, whether it be mineral or royalty. Or, at the very least, hesitant to sell all of it. If the decision is made to go ahead and sell, make sure that the deed does not have "countywide conveyance" language in it. In other words, make sure she isn't selling everything she may own in Loving County.

You might consider reaching out to one of the forum sponsors to see if they can provide information about what prices they're seeing in that area, as well as if they have any existing title for that section.

Best of luck!

Anadarko permitted 9 wells on this Section in July of 2017. Does anyone know if wells have been drilled yet? The landman that took my mom’s lease for Anadarko thought that they had drilled.