Section 28, block 33 ward county ANY ACTIVITY?

Hi , i own a 5.2 acre tract of land in section 28,block 33 (lot 11) ward county. I live out of USA and never visited the property. Recently ,someone send me to me offering to purchase the land. So after a little reserch i discoverd he was a landman for permian oil. Is there any oil drilling,fracking,etc. in this area ??? How would i go about leasing this land??? im interenting to lease my land. Sorry for all this question ,but this is all new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ward County Section 28/Block 33/A-2

JOHN, do you own the surface and also the mineral rights? There are some good oil/gas wells in Section 28 and the surrounding area. If you jus own the surface rights could be Permian Oil is wanting to buy your acreage for a warehouse, business office, Etc.

The long lines you see on this map is the horizontal/lateral leg of horizontal wells and then a number at the end. The green dot means that the well is in production.

GIS Map of Ward County Section 28/Block 33/A(Abstract)-2 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Thanks for the information about my land…not sure if i have the rights for the minerals…if that was the case what do i need to do to get the rights of minerals on my property? .Also how much will be the amount if i decide to sell it (aprox) but im more interesting to lease it.Sorry for all the questions it just am new on this things.

Hi,thank for all the information but also im interested to lease or sell my property …any idea on who do i need to contact, any company whos working around there .dont have the rights for the minerals just for the land 5.2± acres.