Section 28, Block 33 lot 11 ward county


Hi , i own a 5.2 acre tract of land in section 28,block 33 (lot 11) ward county. I live out of USA and never visited the property.Is there any oil drilling,fracking,etc. in this area ??? How would i go about leasing this land??? im interenting to lease my land. Sorry for all this question ,but this is all new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. JOHN.


Need the state. There are several states with a Ward County. Texas? or North Dakota? I am assuming Texas


HI M BARNES …The property is in texas …any help will help me alot thanks.


Moved your question to Ward Co, TX. Perhaps a local person can advise you.


There are multiple COG wells in Section 28-- see attached map. However, I do not know where your lot lies, and without a plat of your subdivision, could not tell you whether your lot would be in pay.


You need to research the title history as it is most likely that the minerals and surface were severed many years ago and so they are owned separately. There were a number of sections in this area where the surface has been subdivided into 5+ acre lots and sold.


S2 sec 28 block 33, lot #23, one well is there. I own lot 21 and 44. Got remediation request from Jetta Permian this week for lot 21. Hope that info helps a liitle.


hi there… so what you recomend its to get in touch with this company (jetta Permian)…any info will help me alot …thanks


I was just giving you info as i know it for some insight.