Section 28 BHP Billiton

Leased this property in 2016. See on TRRC that a well has been spud. It is dated 4/19/18. Can anyone tell me if it’s been completed? Here is the link for the well:

Rick5 -

It appears to have reached the bottom of it’s lateral on May 7, 2018. Probably waiting for a completion rig.

STATE ANNEX 57-T2-28 NO. W101H.pdf (982 KB)

Thank you.

It was completed July 18


Where are you getting the completion information from if I may ask? Thanks though for letting me know…has it been tested yet?


Most likely they are getting that information from, they stay up to date with rig movement and drilling progress.


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I spoke with the landman for BHP. I’m on the same property.

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BHP Billiton just sold out its Permian interests to BP. Don’t know if or how that will affect wells under construction.

BHP sale

My understanding was that it should not impact existing operations.

Is that BP America ?

BP America is British Petroleum America. AMOCO (American Oil Company) was bought out in the 80s by BP and they changed their name in the USA to Apache Corporation. I used to work for AMOCO Prod. Co. in Wink, Texas in the 70s. Before AMOCO was called AMOCO, it was Pan American Oil Company, and before that it was Standard Oil of Indiana…or Stanolind .

Similarly, the other major oil and gas companies have undergone name changes. Exxon/Mobil was Exxon before and before that was ENCO/ESSO, and before that it was the Humble Oil Company. They were Standard Oil of Chicago before that but got in legal trouble and the top lawyer for the corporation changed the name to The Humble Oil Company as a result of the lawsuit.

I hear that Gulf Oil Company is making a comeback after being absent for 50 years. Don’t be surprised to see a bunch of names of the 50s revived soon.

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I am glad to see BHP found a buyer and that it’s a major. BHP bought Petrohawk in one of the early Delaware land rush deals, and let go of much of the acreage that Apache later went in and found the Alpine High in. BHP is an Australian mining conglomerate and never really fully committed to developing what they acquired, except they did develop their Northern Reeves area pretty throughly. For example, BHP drilled an early well on us in Block 5 , stubbed their toe, and wrote off the area and sold it to Silverback. Block 5 is now one of the hottest areas.

In short, I expect to see more discipline, more commitment, and more capital available from BP. BHP charged up and down the hill, but was hesitant to engage in battle.

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Just saw BHP paid 20 billion for the assets they are now selling for 10.5 billion. Ouch.

Got word that the well BHP has drilled on our minerals, has been tested and is expected to produce 900 barrels of oil and 3X that in gas per day. Would this make the well an oil well or a gas well? Can anyone verify this information?

What do you mean it will produce 3X that (900 barrels of oil) in gas per day. It doesn’t flow or pump 3X 900barrels of gas. Gas is measured in 1000 cubic feet integrals. So, are you saying it will produce 2.7 Million cubic feet of gas per day??

Oil wells produce some gas with the oil and saltwater (brine). Gas wells produce some condensate (a gasoline like liquid (NGL) many times and that liquid is measured in 42 gallon barrels.
The quantification of the liquids and cubic feet of gas per day will determine if that’s a good well or not.

IF it produces 2700 barrels of condensate (NGL), that would be a good indicator.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond Lawrence…from what I hear thru another mineral owner on this well is that it’s producing 900 barrels of oil per day and what I thought he meant was 27 million cf of gas per day. I didn’t get any further clarification.

Just to clarify, are you talking about the w/2 of the e/2 of section 28 block 57 township 2 ab-6029 T&P RR Co. Survey Reeves County ?

Yes Anna…that’s it exactly.

Rick, what I was told by the BHP was only that 900 bbl a day are expected and that they expect 3000-5000 mcf per day

Now we are getting calls from a landman wanting to put a water line on the property. Is this negotiable like an easement or ROW is? If so what are generally fair terms?