Section 28, 5S, 2W

My father acquired mineral rights in Carter County for himself and his children in the 1940's or 50's. For several years, all of us received monthly royalties from this investment. Eventually this income stream dried up. Now, more than 50 years later, we are being contacted by a company who says it is interested in acquiring our mineral rights. My father died in 1996 leaving behind no detailed records of our ownership. Who can we contact in Carter County to obtain these records?

Before you throw money at attorneys you should simply go to the county clerk's office in the annex. They might be able to show you really fast.

Anyone willing to go to the annex for my docs too, lol. I have pre 1999 docs that will require a visit to the clerks office.

And I live in Los Angeles.

We have similar stories. However, I sold the mineral rights in 2011. The monies I am trying to show ownership for never transfered to my grandparents. They are in Great Grand Fathers name, who died in 1954.

Do you have to go physically to the annex or can you simply call them?

Call them and find out. They might tell you who can help if they can't.

Do you have a phone number for the county clerk's office?

I called and because the docs are pre 1999 they are not scanned and in okcountyrecords. Honestly, I don't even know what I'm looking for. I read a judgment given last year with my great grandfathers name that said the original deed was in 1948. That is what I am going off of.

Yes, thank you.

Have you had any offers to lease your minerals? I just received a call from a landman wanting to acquire my lease 4 miles north of you and have no idea what the leasing rates are. Any help would be appreciated.