Section 28, 33 in Hughes County Ok


Has anyone any information regarding a new well drilled on Section 28, 33 in Hughes County?


Ted, you need to give the whole address with section, township and range. There are many townships with sections 28 and 33. Then we can help you.


M Barnes, the address is 28-6N-9E & 33-6N-9E. I think it is a pooled unit. I just signed a division order sent to me from Corterra Energy, LLC. I also have mineral interest in a small well operated by Larkin Energy in the same section but I haven’t received a mineral payment from that well since Dec. 2016. I am thinking something has happened to the well. So far I have not gotten a response from Larkin.


The Phillips 2833-1HX well was spud in sec 27 through 28 and into 33. You can find the permit on the OCC website in Sec 27. The spud date form is also there. The completion report is not online yet, but should be soon. They are usually months behind. The OTC tax site has the well active as of Feb 1, 2018. You should be getting a check shortly since your DO already arrived.