Section 277 Block 13 Pecos Texas -Any drilling in the area?

Are there any drilling in the area?

Hi, Zenia!

Yes, there appears to be a number of wells being drilled in the area and, in fact, some Permitted and being drilled in or including Section 277.

If you can give me your specific legal description, I should be able to send you some information about whether you are included in any of the wells or not.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Hi Charles,

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Lot 38 East1/2 of Section 277 Block 13

Zenia -

Please see the attached.
Centennial is currently operating the Noble No. 1H Well in the East Half of Section 277, Block 13, H&GN RR Co Survey, A-327, Reeves County, Tx. Originally drilled by Atlantic Exploration, the Noble No. 1H has been producing since 2014.
I have attached an aerial photo of the Section, a copy of the Drilling Permit for the Noble No. 1H and a copy of the 2016 Mineral Tax Rolls for the well.
The Mineral Tax Rolls add up to 1.0 (100%) of the ownership of the lease, minerals, and royalties.
Your name does not appear in the list, however, do you recognize any of the names?
Are you presently receiving any royalties from the Noble No. 1H?
If not, then it would appear that you do not own your minerals.
Which would be a shame, because Centennial is currently drilling two extra long Horizontal Wells that include the E/2 of Section 277.
Wish I had better news -
130-4238933929CENTENNIALNOBLENO.1H.pdf (2.72 MB)