Section 271 Block 13 discussion

Hi all, looking for current info on this section. Lease rates,Drilling info ,anything new going on? I hava a small intrest in this section.With lease ending in December 2019. Noble wants 3 year extension for $8500 sounds low to me. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

That’s their first offer. I accepted $12K from a other company. But I don’t know what section you’re in. But, I do know that if that’s their first offer, it’s no their best and final offer.

OK I see the Section Same as mine. I went with Veracity who sold to Double Eagle.

We leased in 2018 for 10K per acre. To Noble. For a 2 year extension.

Thanks for the info. Im in block 1


 NEVER accept a "First Offer".  As I can not determine where your section is, I can not research the possible mineral properties of your properties.  However, if you can find the Section, Township, and Range of your property I will be able to educate yourself as to the potential mineral properties of your property and will give you an unbiased evaluation of that property.  I have a lifetime of working in all aspects of the drilling and completions operations of producting company's, along with Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary recovery operations.

My best regards,

Stephen Watkins

Send me a message regarding this lease, gross and net acres and I think I can help you.