Section 27 Garvin County

Township 4 North Range 2W section in Garvin county section 27 S/2 S/2 NE/4 N/2 N/2 SE/4 S/2 NE/4 SE/4 I was contacted by a company to buy my mineral rights in this area. Do you know the going price for mineral acres in this area. Marsha

I do not know what prices are being offered there. What you really have to ask yourself is what do they know that I don’t know? What kind of profit are they going to make off me that I would rather have instead? What is my investment strategy if I sold? Do I have a real need to sell, or am I just curious? Is there pending activity? What is the geology under my minerals? Is it prospective now or in the future? What will my capital gains taxes be?

There are a lot of lowball sales offers out there as small aggregators are trying to buy up acreage and then flip for high prices to bigger companies. If you do decide to sell, the best thing to do is get at least three offers and make sure that you understand the terms of the PSA (Sales Agreement). Never turn over a deed without getting a check at the same time.

12K per acre to buy the Minerals don’t sell keep them let them drill up the Woodford zone and have mailbox money for 30 years. I own in 178 sections worked in this business 35 years have over 3000 active oil and gas wells. Wait get paid monthly unless you really need the money

If you only owned in one section, what would you do?

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That’s comparing apples to oranges… Royalties from over 3000 active wells is sure a lot more mailbox money than an interest in a section with almost no activity and less than 500 barrels in 2018 from last reported production…