Section 27, 9N, 8W Grady County

My siblings and I have been periodically contacted by companies who want to lease. Our offer today was from the company who holds our current lease which will expire August 15. They offered $6500 pma, 1/5 royalty, and 3 years and will sign a contract with our terms. They say they will pay all up front. What activity is currently happening near this site? What is the top royalty anyone has received near here? Is there horizontal drilling near enough to affect this site? Is there any possibility they could actually begin drilling on this site before August 15? Other companies have said they will pay $500 over our highest offer. I would like to ask for 25% royalty. Is this reasonable? Should we wait until the lease expires to see what other offers come along? We want to be smart but need others who know to give us some hints. Thanks so much. Paula D.