Section 27-01N-05W - not hearing back from pooler Citation Oil

I was contacted by my grandfather’s law firm forwarding documents on his ownership interest in Section 27-01N-05W Stephens County. This has been pooled by Citation. I successfully contacted Citation’s Owner Relations and in July sent copies of probate documents at their request at beginning of August. i have not been assigned an owner number nor been told that anything is lacking. What does one do? Is there someone in Stephens County who I should hire to explore and expedite things, or ??

Did you also send a W-9 with the papers? If you didn’t, that could be the holdup. Did you send the documents by certified return receipt mail so that you have a receipt that says they got them? Did you get the attorney to file the probate documents in Stephens county with your name (and any other heirs) as owning this acreage? Contact Citation’s Owner Relations Division and ask if they received the documents. Use certified return receipt mail. They may owe you the pooling bonus and a division order for the Prairiedale 1-27HW well. The well had first sales near 12.27.18, so you should be in pay status soon. They may also owe you interest so be sure and ask for it in your letter.

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Thank you so much! We sent the probate documents via Email as requested and have an Email acknowledging receipt and saying that the Citation person has all she needs, but nothing further. Would you or somebody on the forum be willing to name a Stephens County attorney who we could use to file documents, etc.?

Given how far behind Citation is on their paperwork, you might want to give them a demand letter by certified mail requesting the interest. That usually gets their attention. Certified mail is cheaper than an attorney. Try that first and see if you can get traction before you hire an attorney. If nothing in a few weeks, then you can use an attorney. There are several listed in the Directory above. They do not have to be in Stephens county, only licensed for Oklahoma.

Thank you again so much! If you’re ever in Port Townsend, WA you’re welcome!

If your probate was not in Oklahoma the company will not likely accept the probate records. If an Oklahoma probate is needed it can be very simple.

Thank you for the information and contact. Citation has indicated that the probate submitted is sufficient so unless they reverse position on that we should be OK. But this is very good to know, and if there is an issue I would very much like to have further discussion!

You are lucky. You may still have to file official probate documents in OK in every county where you have minerals. Richard can walk you through it.