Section 265, BLK 13 H&GN Survey -Lease Bonus

Negotiating a Lease Bonus - trying to find out if this area is producing a lot at this time. Description of area includes BLK 4 of the Toyah Valley Grape and Alfalfa Co. Subdivision of Sec 265 Production of the Charles Goodnight 266-265 Unit C Wells 8H and 10H Wolfbone (Trend Area) started last Nov. 2020. - (Noble Energy)
Anyone received a Bonus or Extension in this area over the last 2 years? If so, how much?

API 389-38832/389-38836///Charles Goodnight 266265 Unit C Well #8H & #10H/Production from these 2 wells is commingled into Lease # 55049

Production Data/2 pages…

Thanks so much Clint

Hi Brenda, who is the Operator? It is a thin leasing market, and I am told anything above $2,000-$2500 is good. How many NMA are they wanting to lease?

Noble Energy (now Chevron took over) It’s 3.66 acres. I am an unleashed owner since I didn’t sign the Lease Extension last May 2020. Been told on the forum I should lease since a well is producing. Being an unleashed owner is a disadvantage. Hoping that a new 3 yr lease would net a larger signing bonus. Offer is 2K per nma. Someone in this area negotiated $10K last Sept.

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