Section 25 7N 5W


I have had been contacted with an offer to sell mineral rights in this Section. Can anyone share what a good offer would be, or if there are plans for anything additional in this area?


Rob, when someone cold calls on an offer to sell, they are pretty sure they are going to make a profit off of you. That part of Grady has quite a bit of horizontal drilling. Various sections quite near to you have multiple horizontal wells, so I would expect that the offering company is speculating that your section might have some eventually as well. 12 increased density cases have been heard or are pending in your township in nearby sections. 25 is not yet on the list, but I would not be surprised to see additional drilling there in the future.


@M_Barnes Thank you for your comments & help! I am not interested in selling; however, do want to gain knowledge into what is going on in the sections I have interest in Grady. This buyer has offered more than the original offer; however, no where near what I see is being offered in the Springboard area. CLR has one well already producing here, the Romanoff. That is why I am curious as to if there would be plans to drill more in the area? I admittedly, don’t have much knowledge in the area, so I appreciate your insight!


I would suspect that given how many other sections have increased density hearings, it is just a matter of time. I always like to get the investor presentations of the operators that are in my areas and keep up on what they are advertising about their future plans. Continental and Newfield are the biggies in this township.