Section 24

Hi everybody,

My family has land in section 24 in Blaine county just east of Watonga and north of highway 33. We've received MANY offers for the mineral rights to the land in the past years, several of high monetary significance. Does anyone know if they intend on doing anything in that area soon?

Thanks for any feedback you may have!


Is your land located in Sec 24 of T16N, R11W? That would be about five or six miles east of Watonga?

It is just west of

BINDER #3-13H, September 07 2016
24 16N 11W SWNENWNE .

There is a permit for that one on September 8th on OK Energy.

Building a location right now that will go under 24-16-12 which the section west of Hwy 8 including part of the City of Watonga.

With so many offers lately is that a sure sign they are looking to drill soon on our land?

Anyone know why the Binder #2-13h is dry after 1475 ft?