Section 24 T10N R9W

I am new to this so you'll have to bear with me. I inherited 10 mineral acres in Caddo County in Section 24, Township 10N Range 9W. I signed a 3 year lease back in March with Stonebriar Energy. One of the letters I received from them also had an email address of Penterraservices. Not sure if they are working together. I was just wondering if any activity is happening in this area or if it is likely that anything will happen? After I signed the contract, I have received multiple offers to lease and one to buy. Makes me think stuff is happening. Thanks for any input.

Hi Matt,

Something is definitely happening. We have rights in Sec. 14-10N-9W. We got calls from land men since Jan. and signed a very good lease with a good bonus a few months ago. A drilling project is in the works that will perforate in our section and later an adjacent one (11). TRP is the company seeking to drill at the moment but I've been told that may change. Regardless, you are nearby and as I wrote yesterday in a response on this page to another mineral owner in another nearby section, I've been told over the last many months by several experts that it's a matter of time before more drilling projects are developed in this part of Caddo County.

That's great news Marha. Thanks for the reply. Please let me know if you hear anything else.

Cimarex has applied to the State Corporation Commission for approval to drill a multi unit horizontal well in Sec 1 10N 9w and Sec 36 11N 9W.

It's a Woodford shale common source horizontal well. 50% of the completion interval in Sec 1, 50% in Sec 36. I and other family members have 3 year leases with Cimarex that expire in November. Sec 1 has drilling/spacing orders in place, Order no. 172284 and 558021. Sec 36 has drilling/spacing orders, order no. 138217 and 560848.

The drilling will run from the S/W 1/4 of Sec 1, north thru Sec 36, it will parallel Sec 2 and Sec 35. The drilling will start on the S/W 1/4 of Sec 1, which is where we have rights.

This area seems to be getting busy. Mapping shows this location has multi potential and layered within the SCOOP and Cana Woodford plays and includes the Mississippi Lime Common Source, the Hunton Common Source Supply and Woodford Shale Common Source Supply. This drill is proposed for the Woodford Shale Common Source.

Anyone have any other info or thoughts?