Section 24-9N-5W

Hello, I'm new here.

Does anyone know of a tutorial that will explain this legal description on my deed. I have figured out the township and range, and located it on Google maps, but the first part of it is all greek to me:

Grady CO OK RI 1/2 x 5/48 x 1/8 RIW/2 SW/4 Section 24-9N-5W

Thanks for your help.


Most sections are divided in 4 – 160 acre tracts for a total of 640 acres in the section.

Examples of Legal Descriptions:
SW/4 160 acres
W/2 SW/4 80 acres (this one is yours)
N/2 SW/4 80 acres
NW/4 SW/4 40 acres
N/2 NW/4 SW/4 20 acres
NW/4 SW/4 SE/4 10 acres
S/2 NW/4 SW/4 SE/4 5 acres

I would have to see the document you are using to hazard a guess on what the numbers mean.

I usually only see figures like yours when there is a working interest involved.

It could mean you own 1/2 of a 5/8 mineral interest in the 80 acre tract and that it is leased at a 1/8.

Just a weird way of writing it and it is only a guess.