Section 24 9N 4W hearing

There was a hearing on spacing on this one at OCC today. Do they post the results anywhere, or does anybody have access to that info?

The results won’t be posted for a few days-if the hearing was actually held. You can find them on the OCC website in the Dockets Results page.

area.Oklahoma Corporation Commission Office of Adminstrative Proceedings

Ok thank you once again !

I saw on the meeting schedule pooling for 24 9N 4W. Will they actually do “pooling” after the well is drilled? I talked to somebody that they said this well would be in production around July 2.

The first pooling was done back in March 2019. 84 respondents for that one. $5000 3/16ths, $4850 1/5, $4000 1/4 (very high!). The next one only has 20 respondents and is probably a catchup one for leases that expired before the well spud. Happens sometimes. That 1/4 looks like a nice option.

I should have waited until the pooling! My deal was nowhere near that good. I think it was $2500 and a 1/5th !

Got some decent production looks like.

Trp Operating Llc Woodford(8832): Oil 402 Gas 232 Water 1419 Gas Lift 25 9N 4W Atlas 1h-25-24x, June 10, 2019 HH, OIL, TD: 16795 ft Lat: 35.22633, Long: -97.57282 API: 35087222060000

Got a division order 2 days ago in this one. If any of you guys have minerals there I thought I would let you know.