section 24, 26, 27 -3N-5W Grady County OK

Can anyone shed light if there are any horizontal wells connected with those sections? and if so, where can I go on the computer to find them if that is possible? Thanks

Yes, quite a few. You can go on the OCC wellrecords website to find them. for 24, you need to check under both 2403N05W and 2503N05W since most of them were spud from 25. Looks like one might come in from 23 as well. The clue is having the section in the name of the well. Jeanna and Newy wells

For 26, check 2603N05W. Eula May. The Bearden goes into 25.

For 27, check 1503N05W. Vinson wells

Also check the Gross Production tax site. 11 wells in 24. 1 in 26-Eula May. Bearden goes into 25. Check the final survey. 27 has quite a few shallow wells, but the horizontals are the two Vinson wells.

Gross Production. That may be faster to get the list and then you can go back to the well records site to get completion reports, etc.

Any test wells happening or the real thing?

Those are real horizontal wells.