Section 23, Township 8 North, Range 5 West, Grady County


Could anyone tell me the market value for 3/16ths net acre minerals in Section 23, T8N, R5W ?


I’m new to the whole thing as I just got into some rights in McClain when I got A house 3 years ago. I got a offer for 10k per acre for some that is about to be drilled. It all depends on location. Unless you need a quick 2k ish you may see if you can find someone to lease or if you think it will be drilled than just wait and they will find you with offers. Hope that helps. Also you might move your question to oklahoma mineral rights, Grady county but don’t know if that really matters


Somewhere less than $10,000/acre. The Newfield wells to the east of you are not very good wells, at least compared to others in the area. Also, Not much chance of Springer formation in that area.

Todd M. Baker


How much do you own?