Section 23, T3N, R4W

Is there anything going on anywhere near here? Val Connell Carter

I've heard from a fellow who is well connected with the oil field that the entire 03N04W is hot. Some say up to 450 wells are expected in the area. I think the wait is on prices.

Thanks for the info!!! Please keep us posted. Val Connell Carter

Seems to me that the hottest areas in the SCOOP have been 2n4w in Stephens Co, 3n4w and 2n3w in Garvin for some time now. But it seems to be spreading out to Grady Co. around Chickasha and south toward Velma like 2n5w in Stephens. Now, since they have incorporated the SCOOP/STACK play it's also going into the Newcastle area. I do think they are waiting on the prices of oil and gas to go up before going full speed ahead. One company around here just had their 3rd or 4th round of layoffs which is kind of scary but as soon as the oil goes up they will probably be hiring back.

Has anyone heard anything about Section 16, 3N3W. I have an offer from a company to purchase my 102 acres here and in Sec. 9. Garvin County.