Section 23, T3N, R4W

Does anyone know anyone leasing in or around this area? Val Connell Carter

Did you did not lease before this pooling and well under 23

It is five acres that I did not know we had. My father bought it in 1947 from someone with the last name of Shelton. There are a lot of Sheltons listed. Our purchase is recorded and I have had it verified. I truly think he totally forgot about it. Your info is extremely helpful. I guess I will have to go to Newfield. Do you have production from this lease? I am so tired of working with oil companies if this is not a good producing well I don't know if I will go after it. I cannot thank you enough for getting back to me. Val Connell Carter

Does anyone have any further info on section 23, T3N, R4W? Val Connell Carter