Section 23-T13S-R38E

I received an offer to lease in the referenced section. Is anyone aware of activity in that area? The offer was significantly lower than other offers we have received in other areas of Lea county recently. Many thanks in advance!

Which company is the offer from? I have mineral rights in T-13S, R37E and have received several buy offers, but no lease offers. I’m thinking of approaching KEW since they seem to be doing a lot of leasing in Lea County (though not this area), but haven’t found an email address for them. Only their Dallas address is listed on the internet.
The Lovington/Tatum outskirts area of Lea County seems to be not as hot as the Carlsbad area, where all the $2000-6000 offers are. I think the highest leases I’ve seen iin our general area are $300-450 nma. But I’m definitely no expert.

I just accepted a lease from KEW. contact Aaron Trimble 432.556.9133

Sorry for the tardy reply - I couldnt figure out how to reply! The offeror is Eight Energy from Midland, 432-695-6877.

Thanks. I had looked up that company previously when it was mentioned on the forum. One mineral owner did a deal with them a couple years back for rights south of ours, in T15s. He seemed to think they were reputable.

I did contact KEW and he told me they were only looking at rights further south than ours, in the Jal area.

many thanks!

I will wait at least a month or two if I decide to contact Eight Energy. I believe it’s not fair sportsmanship to deal with them while you’re still in negotiations. If you think about it, post here after you’ve closed and cashed your check so I’ll know the coast is clear. I’m in no big rush either way.