Section 23, block 30 Township 1 North


I inherited mineral rights in section 23 block 30 township 1 north a few years ago. I receive a few letter now and then to purchase them, but it’s never anything I find worthwhile. Recently I have been receiving offers to sell and lease daily. I am just wondering if anyone here is familiar with this particular area and has any insight into the uptick in offers, or any opinion on what a decent price per acre for leasing would be? Being several states away and not involved in this industry at all has left me at a distinct disadvantage and any information would be greatly appreciated.


We received 4,750 per net mineral acre
3 year lease

25 percent

For sec 45 block 32 tin


what county? What state? some of us are on the list serve for multiple counties where we are interested.


Mario, this is an area where there has been no exploration for horizontal wells. To the S/SW about 2 miles there is a well being drilled in Section 34/Block 30 T1N by Paladin Petroleum. The permit was approved February 2018 but the well was spud(begin drilling)on July 5, 2018. Spraberry formation/9,000’…
GIS Map of Howard County Section 23/Block 30T1N:

If those were my minerals I would wait and investigate what the outcome of this well(227-39460)is and go from there. This may take several months or a year before there is a Completion Report or Production Data on this well…if it is a decent well there will possibly other wells to follow and other oil companies/producers looking for acreage in the surrounding area to lease.
Good luck.

Clint Liles


Mr. Clint. Family owns minerals (Howard County) (480 acres) in all of the south half and the northeast quarter of section 5, block 31… township one south…


1/2 interest in 200 acres of the south-east 1/4 and the southeast 1/4 of the northwest 1/4 in section 45 block 31 township one north.

the map above catches some of that. would you send a map the shows more details of those coordinates? I think you’ve done this before but I can’t place my hands on it… and it looks like there’s some activity. we have the minerals leased… expiring in 2019. grateful thanks, jack Hodges


Mr. Clint… you can send it to my email… sometimes I can’t find things in the mineral rights forum unless I get an email alert. sent mr.cotten a message but I can’t seem to find how or where I sent it. thanks, jack.


Aaron_Webb, this is in Howard county Texas. Clint_Liles, thank you for the information! Much appreciated!


Good Morning Jack.
FYI: Several of us Forum Members are meeting on August 13th at the Neches Country Store in Neches, Texas(just North of Palestine) for coffee and burgers and lots of BS. You have an invitation to join us…yes we let Aggies in our Group. Come join us if you get a chance.

GIS Map of Howard County Section 5/Block 31T1S:

Clint Liles


Jack, here’s that other map of Howard County Section 45/Block 31T1N:

Clint Liles


Hello Clint, I own 3 acres in Section 25, Block 32 and would be interested in the “informal meeting” on 8/13/18. Can you tell me what will be discussed? I know that a well has been punched in this Section, however I am not sure when to expect dividends. I appreciate your response. Cara Hamilton


Mr. Clint…

I’ll try and make it. I’m 50-50… will put on calendar as a reminder.



Hi Cara,Looks like there will be only about 5 Members show up…4 others(1 retired Shell Engineer, 1 retired School Superintendent and 2 landmen)are busy this time and will not get to come. Looks like there will be Alan(minerals in Anderson County), John(minerals in Anderson County), Rockman(Retired Geologist from Houston), possibly Jack Hodges(minerals in Howard County and Harrison County) and Little ole Me(minerals in Wilbarger County) and my Friend Karen will be showing up for the meeting. We certainly welcome you to come join us if you like and I will treat you to a nice burger and a drink.

Cara I need you to give me your complete Block number as there is a 32T1N, 32T1S and a 32 T2N…Which one of these will be yours?

Clint Liles


Hello Clint,

Block 32T2N

Cara Hamilton


Hello Clint,

Block 32T2N



Cara there are at least 5 approved locations/permits for wells in Section 25. Do you have the legal description of your minerals location?
GIS Map of Howard County Section 25/Block 32T2N/A-275:

Clint Liles


Hello Clint,

Here is the description:

T&P RR CO Survey, Bak 32, Two T2N, Sec. 25, Abs 275

Howard County, Texas

Cara Hamilton


I inherited the section north of yours (14) and was just offered a lease at $1500/nma (low for Howard Co). It is an area that has no producing wells for several sections around it, but large oil fields to the SE and West of that area are producing at 5,000’. A number of dry holes in our area have been drilled in past times (to 5,000’), but technology is advancing and geologists can peer down into the Earth 10-12,000 feet and know exactly what’s down there. Hang onto your lease. I believe Howard Co has plenty of oil down below where existing pools are being drained. It won’t be long before they start going deeper and that might be a boon for the property you have. People in the business say Texas will produce plenty of oil to at least 2050.