Section 23 Abstract A-187

Is a section 160 acres or 640. We have interest in the ohagen a and b wells, but are being told we have no interest in the Ray Kinsella. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Most sections are 640 acres.

Thanks. I thought an abstrct on the railroad map was 160 acres.

Ed, I think the two plats that are attached below will answer your question.

The first plat shows the unit for the O’Hagen A & B that you said you have an interest in. That unit totals 636 acres that includes two 159.34 acre tracts on the east side of Abstract 187 (Section 23) but it also includes two tracts to the north in Abstract 177 (Section 21).

The second plat shows the Ray Kinsella unit that includes a total of 637 acres part of which is on the west side of Abstract 187 but also includes acreage in the sections to the north.

Abstract 187 is a 640 acre section but if the acreage where your mineral interest is located is only on the east side of that section that is way you wouldn’t have an interest in the wells that are in a separate unit on the west side of the section.

That’s very helpful. Thanks.