Section 23 8 North 5 west


Have received a slew of legal work on this section, eog, newfield. Does anyone know what is going on? Have any productive wells been drilled?


Janice Verhoeve


The legal documents are a record of what is going on. Put them in date order by company and you will see what they were planning on doing. EOG filed permits for the Ted 2326 1H, 2H and 3H. They have been drilled from a surface location in 23. Looks like the TED 2326 4H was drilled for a location in 14.

You can find the well info on the OCC well records site. Look them up by surface location.

You can find the production info in a few months on the OK tax site. Look them up by sec 26. The wells went online in late June, so you should get Division Orders fairly soon.


EOG Information:

‐ Four‐Well Ted Package Exceeds Type Curve and Earns Premium Economics ‐ 30 Day IP = 660 Bopd / 800 Boed ‐ 60 Day IP = 590 Bopd / 715 Boed ‐ 90 Day IP = 530 Bopd / 660 Boed