Section 23, 6N, 5W Order for new drilling and spacing units

We just received legal papers today for an order to vacate Misener common sources and something that deals with extending the Osborne - (Section 27, 6N, 5W is mentioned in the mumbo jumbo legalise). The order goes on to say that units are "pooled and unitized and each royalty owner shall share in 1/8 of all production". I have read this order a couple of times and can't figure out what it means. Can someone explain it in English? I am thinking it must refer to a horizontal well from Section 27. My piece in Section 23 is currently leased at 3/16 so how does it come to 1/8? Thanks everyone. It's an ongoing education! JoAnne

Jo Anne, 1/8 is the least they can pay you, your lease trumps that.

So, they have to pay what the lease says? Is this a horizontal? I am pretty confused other than it's action of some kind and that is better then just waiting.