Section 23, 151N-97W

We are trying to determine if we have an interest in the Don 1-23H, and are having trouble finding out the spacing on this well. Does anyone know, or know how to find out?


The DON 1-23H has a surface location in 23 and goes north into 14. Elidah field . At least a 1280 unit. Contact Continental Resources. If you are looking at Don, then you may be part of the four Faye wells (Burlington). Great website to look for info. Generally free at the highest level, but can pay $50/year for more in depth info.

Thank you, Martha. Once again, you have provided valuable assistance. We have contacted a lawyer in North Dakota, and are pursuing this. We are being paid on our mineral interest under the Faye wells, but Continental keeps denying that we have an interest in the Don. We believe this is their mistake, and hope to get it straightened out.

Sec 14 and 23 were pooled in early 2011 for the Don 1-23H. NDIC case 13905, order 16189. 1280 acre unit.

If you are in the Faye wells (2017 spuds) and not in the Don well (2011 spud) you’d either guess that it’s an oversight on CLRs part or else you were unleased and didn’t participate or leased (to a non-CLR entity) and they chose not to participate in the Don well.

So first question would be, when did you sign a lease and with whom? A quick look in DrillingInfo suggests that 3 folks with the last name of Neill signed leases with CLR in late 2009, so that seems to work against the idea that your lease did not participate.

That’s not correct. If they were un leased and force pooled they would would be recieving the statutory royalty in the Don. The election of a non-CLR lessee also has no bearing as the mineral owner recieves their royalty regardless.

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