Section 23 - 14N - 13W

We have been approached to sell 40 net mineral acres in this section. It has been inactive for years having 2 plugged and abandoned wells (Nina Nelson 1 & 2) and another 2 (Burns) listed as AC, but probably plugged as well. My mantra is "never sell mineral rights." However, I'm curious as to why a company is making a decent offer on these rights. I have not found activity there. Please, can anyone else confirm outside interest in Section 23, 14N, 13W?

Looks like there may be some horizontal activity there soon by Continental. The spacing has already been approved for Mississippian, Woodford and Hunton. The pooling is pending, so keep a very close eye on your mail. You have only 20 days from the order to reply. Have you been getting leasing offers as well? That Burns well may be causing some leasing issues if it is listed as active, but not actively producing in the last two years. Have you gotten any shut in payments? You have to demand a release of lease very quickly to be able to lease.

Thank you Martha. I also got a reply from Hannah Falvey (landman) who hinted that we should be receiving funds on a horizontal well there. There is a complicated history on which I do not have a good grasp. Roy Mead (family friend) bought mineral leases from the large landowning family back in the late 40's or early 50's. Book 34, page 557, Blaine Co. The family retained some mineral ownership as well. The patriarch set it up so that heirs received individual parcels, but if something of mineral value was to surface on any parcel the heirs would share in that financial gain evenly. I enter wherein a 10/09/1959 transfer of 40 nma was made to William H. Daniel (my father) by one of the heirs, Nina Nelson. Book 60ms, page 309, Blaine Co. The Mead heirs own from the original deals contained in sections 14, 23, 24, and 25. I can get you better descriptions if you're curious. They have been tied up in the leagal mess ever since because Roy Mead agreed to enter the deal with the same 1/8 interest of the heirs. I don't know if that applies to us. Dan Mead recalls something like 8-9 original heirs and that he owns a royalty. Do I demand a release from the last operator of record?

Ginny Henley

Thank you to M Barnes and H Falvey for the heads up. This section has indeed been active since 2011 and the operator will soon have my address to send a check. I also got a copy of the deed and all is legal. YES!