Section 22-6N-3W

Just wanting to know if there is activity in this section. I recently learned I may own an interest. IM new to asking questions. Should each Section be a separate topic.

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You can do separate topics if you wish, or you can specify in this topic. As for section 22 of 6N-3W, I show that Eagle Exploration completed the Calvert 0603 21-1HW well back in April of 2018. Additionally, Charter Oak Production drilled the S. C. Jonah 1-22 well back in June of 2010. Lastly, Penner Energy, Inc. is the operator for the Jones #1, it is only in the E/2 of the SW/4 of section 22 being spaced at 80 acres (so if your interest is in the E/2 of the SW/4 of section 22, then you would be benefiting from that well). Did you recently receive this interest or have you had it for awhile unbeknownst? Regardless of how long you have owned it, I would try to reach out to those operators

Thanks Jonathan The other areas are 3-05N-03W, 10-05N-03W, and 6-06N-02W. You are very helpful.