Section 22 3N 4W

Good morning all. How to I keep abreast of what is happening in our area?

The checks have gone down quite a bit which is expected over time however we need to be educated about what is going on there. When I called Newfield all they said was there is a lot of drilling going on around there.

Used to be Newfield now Encana.

Thank you for any assistance.

There have been 116 new permits in that township in the last 999 days. There have been 54 completions in the last 999 days. Your section has quite a few horizontal wells in it already.

You can keep abreast by reading the investor presentations of the major players in your township, Continental Resources, Marathon, Newfield/Encana, Rimrock Resource Operating are the four big ones in the township.

Thanks for the info!

Sorry took so long to reply to you. Thanks for all your good work for the group.