Section 22-23N 5W Garfield County OK

My family discovered recently my late grandmother owned a share in the natural gas well listed above. However since she’s been deceased 15 years, we do not know if any revenue has been earned or if any payments have been made. I was able to get the below info on her share. We don’t have any info regarding production of this well both historically or current so I’m unable to find or calculate if the estate is owed any income. We are also curious how much this share is worth if we sold it. Rancier 1-22

A vertical well operated by Riviera Operating out of Houston in the E/2 of Sec 22 on a 320 acre unit for the Mississippian formation.

3.83361986 acres / 0.01198006 working interest / 0.01048256 net revenue interest / 0.8750 average net revenue

The Rancier 1-22 has been online since 1978. Cleary Petroleum drilled it. Kaiser Francis had it and then turned it over to Linn Mid-Continent in 2006. Linn turned it over to Linn Operating in 2007. Riviera has it now. Contact Riviera to get into pay status. You may need to file an affidavit or heirship or complete a probate in order to get the royalties. Also check the OK State Treasurer’s office to see if they are holding back royalties from the other older companies. Mustang and Vitol are buying the products.