Section 21

Can anyone locate activity in 21 11n21w, I cannot locate ANYTHING, my family leased about 2 years ago. we recieved docs for increased density wells, yet no info on our own lease. We have emailed, called and cannot get any response from anyone other than the landman who knows very little reference to progress.

You are about to get three new wells on that section. They will be spud from a pad in 28 which may be why you can't find them. Apache 21-11-21 1H (DesMoines), Apache 21-11-21 2H (Missourian), 21-11-21 4H (DesMoines). Apache will be the operator. 640 acre spacing

6120 S YALE AVE STE 1500
TULSA, OK 74136-4224

Mr barnes. I have been looking and found the 1h well in sec 28, says the bottom hole lands right on our lease 21 11n 21w. Am i entitled to any of that production? That well has produced for 2 years

If you leased and have your documents, then you need to contact Apache Corporation 2000 Post Oak Blvd Ste 100, Houston TX 77056-4497 and the address above. Not sure if the Tulsa office is still open. Go on their website and find out. Send by certified mail and email their owner relations department. Did you move in the meantime?

Apache 21-11-21 1H had a completion of 1797 bopd and 9167 mcf/d. First sales 10/16/14. They owe you 12% interest if your title is clear. Did you ever get a Division Order?

Apache 21-11-21 2H had a completion of 820 bopd and 4371 mcf/d. First sales 8/3/15

Apache 20-11-21 1H had a completion of 1383 bopd and 10039 mcf/d. First sales 10/16/2014. You may have a part of this well. It goes into 20, but passes through 21 on the way.

These are excellent wells. If you have a piece of them, then you certainly want your payment.