Section 21 mineral rights owner only

Continental pooled section 21 about two years ago mine happened to be restricted Indian lands as far as I know my mineral rights is the only Unleased acreage in that section. My question is, how to get it least? Also, if they have drilled in section 21 and retrieving gas and oil from that section, what should I do? Anyone, I would appreciate it.

What section, township and range? There are many section 21's.

Section 21 ts1 1east. Thanks

Section 21. TS001.00n. Range 001.00E. Garvin Co.

You were on the pooling list, so may have been able to answer at the time it was pooled. If you did not answer, then they may have assigned a bonus and royalty to you. Contact Continental. Case docket was 201406350 and the order was 633395. They may be holding funds for you. I see a Guy Thompson on the list as well. I do not see that a well was drilled in the 365 day window. Continental is still leasing in the section as of earlier in the year.

Thank you very much.

I have sent back their check because it wasn’t legal. This is restricted Indian lands and therefore cannot be pooled. It has to be taken to court and bid on in a public auction. After I contacted them they told me they was no longer interested in that section so I really don’t know what to do. I do thank you for the information you have supplied.

Interesting...they were still leasing in the early part of the year.

However, it is not a really hot area. As there is no current well, you don't have to worry right now as far as royalties. You might be able to contact the BIA and see if they are going to put it up for auction.

Thank you.