Section 21-7N-7W

I got a certified letter today from Camino about a pooling order for section 21-7N-7W. How do i find out where this section is. They also sent a check. This is all new to me.

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Here is a map of Grady County. You can find the location by using the township numbers (N-S) and Range numbers (E-W). The section numbers are numbered by starting with 1 in the upper right corner of the township and then they go in a serpentine fashion until you get to 36. Upper right is 1, then go west (left) to 2 etc. to 6, then drop down and you get 7 then to the east for 8, etc.

You must have just inherited from someone? If they sent you a copy of the pooling order (sort of a forced leasing-in an efficient business way), check to see if you recognize any of the respondents.

They couldn’t find your relative or you back in 2018, but have now found you. Rebellion , now Camino, will be the operator and they have a multi-section horizontal well with a surface location in section 8. The Holden 0707 16-21-1WH was spud in April 2019. The well should be on sales shortly if there are no holdups. You need to contact Camino at the address on the pooling order and make sure that they have your correct name, address and see if they need any probate documents in order for you to get paid. They like your title well enough to pay you the pooling bonus, but they may need more for you to actually get in pay status for the well. You need to ask them how many net acres you have. You can probably back calculate from the pooling bonus. Save all the paperwork! You will need it for taxes. You were probably assigned the $5000/ac and 1/8th bonus. Confirm with the check stub. Then divide what the check amount is by $5000 and that is how many net acres you have. Write that down! If they had a different royalty, then it will be similar, but a different divisor.

Start putting together a file because you are going to get a lot more information as time goes on. I am attaching the other regulatory orders that went with this well. 201705526, 201705527, 201708147 (you have this one) and 20175525. Read these in date order and you will get a good feel for what is happening.

You need to save the following links. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission site and the Oklahoma Tax Site.

Test well records site. Put 0807N07W in the location box.

rpt_ITD_Permit permit spud

Here are the cases that went with that well. Look them up on the OCC OAP site.

Gross Production. I just looked and the Holden well is not online yet.

Come back and ask questions! Read the Mineral Help Tab at the top. That is a good starting point.

Hi. Some of my relatives in Oklahoma have received information and a check for this section. I have not as of yet. Who should o contact to make sure they have my information. Thanks. Teressa

I would get the information from the relative that passed that information along. The letter should have a name and phone number.

Todd M. Baker

Does your Mineral deed (filed at the County Clerks Office) have your correct contact info ?