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just received a division order from camino natural resource stating of a well name of carman. the last paperwork we got was a pooling order with rebellion and Chesapeake that got continuances must have gotten a dozen notices. should I have received a final copy of the pooling order? can anyone tell me when this well went in and is it producing . thanks for any help do not know if I need to hire a lawyer to make sure not getting ripped off we live out of state and are new to all of this


Carmen 21-6-6 1H is producing or you would not have gotten a division order. It was stated as active on the OTC site as of 12/1/17, so payments should start in June or July 2018. The well was spud in sec 28 on 7/11/17.
Rebellion has the pooling order with an advancement order listed 678959 as of June 11, 2018. You should check the respondents list to see if you are on it or if an ancestor is and you need to get some title issues ironed out. You probably do not have to get a lawyer to straighten this out unless you have a title issue. Private reply to me if you need some more info.
Did you lease or were you waiting on the pooling?


thanks for the quick response we got a division order asking for information from Camino llc unsolicited out of the blue. my question is if this well carmen 21-6-6 is in section 28 why are we getting anything from it, does it run under section 21 also. we are under a lease from Chesapeake dating back around 1968 that my sister and brother have inherited from my parents we each have a third interest in 70 acres of mineral rights,21 6n 6w .the well is not producing and I guess its considered a shut in.we are not sure how it went from Chesapeake to rebellion and now Camino is. the pooling order for this well or is rebellion proposing to drill another well in this section, we did not lease and figured it was best to wait on pooling, another question is should we get a copy of the pooling final judgement if so do we get so much an acre plus a percentage of royalties, Chesapeake had no trouble mailing checks to each of us so it must be on file in grady county somewhere. I have been getting mail to my vacation home instead of my primary residence and addressed to my deceased mother in care of me do not know how to correct this


The Carmen 21-6-6 #1 was spud in 28 and goes north into 21. It was permitted in 2017. Spud on July 11, 2017 is now completed. Chesapeake sold a lot of their acreage and wells to various operators. Truman 28-6-6 #2H has a surface location in 21 and goes south into 28. Which well did you get paid on by Chesapeake? You need to contact the Rebellion attorney and get your address changed. You also have to file an address change in the county clerk’s office. Not expensive.
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Rebellion is in the process of pooling. Get your correct address to him quickly, so you get the notice when the order is signed. You may have some title work to do if your parents are deceased.


Stamps Brothers has a lease cancellation lawsuit pending in Grady County over this section
Please contact our counsel or us directly


Martha I need to file a change of address for minerals in Grady/Stephens counties. Could you tell me how to proceed?



    July 29

Martha I need to file a change of address for minerals in Grady/Stephens counties. Could you tell me how to proceed?


Contact the county clerk in each county. They can each tell you what you need to do, how the form needs to be filled out, etc. Be sure and tell them it is for mineral rights. Sometimes, there is a different judicial clerk for lawsuits, criminal court, etc. You want the mineral rights one.


My family has mineral rights In this section and thier neighbors have a lawsuit against rebellion to get an old well thay isn’t producing anymore lease broken that’s set on a 1/8th do you know of anything about this


Is it stamps brothers versus chesapeake and rebellion? I couldn’t read the specifics, but it says they are doing a quiet title suit.


can any one tell me the ruling and terms on this section as far as the pooling order , had lots of mail on this from Barnes law until the date of ruling then we have had no notices , we did get a division order from camino and received a payment from the carmen well. Is there still a well planed for this section? Is rebellion still in the picture.

#12 Is this the one you are asking about?


thank you M Barnes and yes that’s the one. when does that bonus get issued? we are not sure rebellion has the correct info for mailing or correct ownership of the mineral rights. We sent documentation to rebellion, barnes law firm, and camino . camino got it corrected, brother ,sister and I all got a royalty check from the carman well… should I call rebellion. Chesapeake has us listed correct also thanks for helping us and all the other people I see that are just as lost as I am. lol…