Section 200, Blk. 34, H&TC Ry. Co. Survey


I have been approached to buy my mineral interests in se. 200. Is there any activity in that area? What is going on there?

The offer seemed very low, but I have not dealt in Ward County for nearly 40 years.


Blair Cherry


This link will open a map centered on an oil well about 600’ from Section 200. Use the zoom bar on the left side of the map to get a better picture of activity near you. There are other permitted wells on adjoining sections. Hilltop Royalties is a forum advertiser and is a gentlemanly outfit. I have no financial interest in the company.


Blair - I have some recent experience in that area. What is the offer? Also are you kin to the coach? Did you know Bobby layne or Eddie poage.
Don Poage (Eddies son)


I am Blair, Jr. Bobby was like a big brother. Do not recall Eddie Poage. The name rings a bell.



Thank you. We got a low ball offer and refused. Then they quadrupled it. :slight_smile:

Will wait and see.



There are several producing wells in the area surrounding Section 200 and numerous approved locations that were apparently never drilled. Some of these producing wells are not very good wells…I checked production on several wells in this area that are producing from the Wolfcamp, Wolfbone, and Trend Area Formations. A well next door to the West of Section 200 will never pay for itself…terrible production numbers.
GIS Map of Ward County Section 200/Block 34 and surrounding area:

Clint Liles


You are welcome. Hilltop Royalties will give you an opinion at no cost or obligation.


I have land in section 201 . Luxe Energy is planning on drilling 4-5 wells .