Section 20, Block C9

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what the going rate is for this area? I am getting offers like crazy and I believe it is mostly because of the activity to the east plus this tract has a past well log that is publicly available.

I was offered $10K/NMA in Sec. 23.

Hello Basey,

Out of curiosity, was the offer for lease, or for purchase? My spot is nearby, so I’m trying to gauge whats going on in the area.

Best, M

Lease - if it were to buy I’d want around $30-$40K per acre, though selling is not an option.

I would hold out for more - Leasing a section a few months ago for $12K and now my sister is getting offers of $20K

What’s your net acreage if I might ask Brenda? I’m holding out for more also but only have a handful.

I have like 3.7 acres in one tract and 6.7 acres in another. I would need to know if the area is PSL, or HG&N or Toyah… Do you know what area your acreage is in?

From $12k to $20k now to lease?, how the market has changed in certain areas. What would those same interests sell for (per nma)? Anyone with mineral sales experience know?

Lawrence posted a short while ago that we may see $50K for LEASE nam So, I would never sell.

What does nma stand for…thank you

Nma = net mineral acres. This is the percent acreage you actually own from the acres being leased.

Thank you very much…