Section 20-7N-3W


Just wanting to know if there is any drilling going on in this section?Also on another note,I am trying to lease,already signed it.I have leased this 3.03 acres for the last 30 years.Now Fillmore Energy out of Norman according to their secretary is showing that they have my NMA figured at 2.1 acres.How can this be? I have the paperwork from the last lease showing that the land company paid me for 3.03 acres.Something does not smell right here.I have been leasing like I said for thirty years at 3.03 NMA.So by their logic that means companies like Ward,Marathon and others all overpaid me.Their boss man is supposed to call me this week.Any idea what they are up to.


It doesn’t sound too shady. They may have reinterpreted something in your chain of title differently, possibly from a title opinion or running out your title.

I would see what they have to say. If it’s insufficient, you can ask to view the title opinion or runsheet for your interest and possibly the conveyance/reservation document(s) to read for yourself or to send off to an attorney to interpret.


David27, You can follow this train of messages better if you post over in Oklahoma McClain Co 20-7N-3W. General Mineral Rights is pretty general.

bhiggins is correct. You do need to push back. The title opinion for leasing is not as rigorous as the title opinion for the Division Order royalty payments. If you have the original deed, that would be very useful. Do ask them for the paragraph from the title opinion which explains the difference.


It sounds real shady to me considering that I have been leasing the propert for over 25 years and it has always leased at 3.035525 NMA.So what Fillmore is telling me is that they are showing a NMA of 2.112701 NMA.Well thats a big difference to someone like me.Because not only will it effect my bonus payment it will also effect my oil royalty checks once the well or wells have been drilled.There boss was supossed to contact me last week.Did not hear a word.His name is BO if that helps anyone.Im going to contact them Monday morning and if they are still showing that 2.112701 NMA I guess Im going to have to turn it over to an attorney and let them take care of it.I just find it real strange that I have leased this parcel for 3.035525 NMA for over 25 years and now they say nope its less than that.So they are basically telling me that all the previous oil companies and land companies were wrong and that I have been overpaid on bonuses and wells through the years.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,David27


Have them send you the chain of title they are using along with the supporting documentation and their calculations Errors happen all the time, they defiebtely could be in error or prior leasees could’ve been in error.

Once you have the chain and documents you can see how they are calculating the acreage. Have them walk through it with you.

If you need help there’s plenty of people on here that can help. PM me and I can take a quick look.

In the interim I’ll look through the title doc’s I have to see if I have your area and will look at my maps and let you know what I see.

Regards Jeff


Jeff I would appreciate your help.Okland will not talk to me.My new lessee is Fillmore energy and they told me I need to tell Okland Energy in OKC to release the Se 1/4 of sec.20 7N 3W because I have not been paid in 2 years.I am now lost as what to do.Thanks for your time. David.