Section 19, township 13 north range 5 west of the IM, Canadian county ,ok

Ok well my father has got a lease from Marathon oil and gas him self for 2800 for 3/16 2200 for 3/8 and 1000 for 1/4 but to help pay for an 8-9 million dollar well option 3 is a no go cause we’re not rich… haha anyways they are interested in the 640-aces horizontal well units formed in section is 19 township 13 north rage 5 west of the Im, Canadian county for the Mississippian, woodford and Hunton seperate common source of supply they have filed court documents to start pooling in the area and to start drilling any land information would be great we live in Georgia and have no idea about oil rights or anything my grandmother owned them and before she pass somehow weather she sold some or they were dispersed between family have 53 people together that own the rights that are on this court document