Section 19, T3S, R3E; Have Pooling Offers Been Sent to Anybody?

We decided to be pooled on the Multi-unit Hobbs Wells in S19, T3S, R3E. After almost daily Corporation Commission reports arriving (Multi-Unit Horizontal, Spacing, Exceptions, etc) during the month of April, all is quiet. I was sent the pooling Cause Forms in which I was listed with others pooled. But, I’m wondering if the pooling options have arrived for anybody else? None here, yet!

Still pending. Not uncommon for the pooling to stall a bit. You can watch for it online at the OCC. The digital is sometimes posted before the mail goes out, but not always.

You can also check the dockets notes and to see when it might have been rescheduled. The original hearing date was scheduled for 5/13/19, so start with that date and scroll through the docket to see if they moved it. Oklahoma Corporation Commission Office of Adminstrative Proceedings

Excellent! Thank you so much. It seemed to take longer than usual for the options to arrive. I’ll try to navigate the OCC website. I appreciate your help!