Section 19; block 7; H&G RR Survey, Reeves; A39


Be aware that Phantom (Wolfcamp) field rules include the Third Bone Spring and Wolfcamp formations. It does not include the First Bone Spring and Second Bone Spring. You have to read the field rules and examiners report to verify what is included. So wells can be drilled in Wolfcamp or in lower Bone Spring formation. The Two Georges (Bone Spring) field rules include all of the Bone Spring plus the upper portion of the Wolfcamp. The Sand Bar (Bone Spring) field rules include only the Bone Spring formation. The Ford, West (Wolfcamp) field rules include only the Wolfcamp formation.


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This is part 1 of 3 interesting articles with (maps and drawings) that make it much easier to understand.


Part 2. This is the best one, visual wise. Gives a very clear picture of the geology.


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