Section 19, Block 7; G&GN RR Co. Survey, Reeves County, TX


A representative from Parsley Energy told me 2 horizontal wells were drilled in Sept. 2017 which were on part of my property.

I am supposed to receive my first royalty check in Dec. 2017 or January 2018.

The wells are Ligon 730-19-4305h and Ligon 730-19-4307h.

Can anyone tell me more about this? I have no clue how much the checks will be or the description of where my property is located. Wolfcamp???

Thank so much.

Susan Titus

Yes Susan, these are both Wolfcamp wells.

Link to approved drilling permit for well API 389-35900:;jsessioni...

Link to approved drilling permit for well API 389-35907:

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 19/Block 7/A-39/G & GN RR:


Clint Liles

the information that Clint provided shows on the forms p-12 that you have 80 acres in each well, out of 320 in the pool. that would mean that absent any other nonparticipating interests, you would have 80/320 X royalty rate, which i presume is 25% or a 1/16 percentage of the gross. You can follow these wells on the RRC to see what production is, usually a month or two after they are in production. I don't know how they will perform, but it looks like you will receive a pretty nice check.

I only own 8.889 of the 80 acres that have been in my family since about 1900. My royalty is 20%… my sister has a lease that is 25% which she got one year after my lease with another company.

I was hoping to negotiate a better lease in January 2018 when my lease was up but that won’t happen now.

I’ll be grateful for whatever the royalty checks are. I hope the oil was flow for a long time.

Thanks to you and Clint for your replies

Hi Susan!

Your 80 acres is located in the far Northeast corner of Reeves County. It is Tract 5, at the bottom of the maps attached to the Permits to Drill in the attached information. The two wells "end" under your land.

The wells that have been drilled in your area are coming in at over 300 barrels of oil a day and then settling after a couple of years to a little over 100 barrels a day. That's not spectacular, but not bad either.

I haven't researched the State's Spacing Rules for your area, but there appears to be room for several additional wells in your Unit.

You should enjoy nice checks for years to come, just remember that the first checks are always the largest. You shouldn't expect them all to be like that.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

10-SUSANTITUSINTERESTSREEVESCOTX.pdf (116 KB) 11-4238935900PARSLEYENERGYLIGON73019NO.4305H.pdf (871 KB) 12-4238935907PARSLEYENERGYLIGON73019NO.4307H.pdf (1.37 MB)

Thanks for all that information.