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My mom is the heir, and I found out that her interest is in receivership in Winkler Co- Anyone know what the process is to reverse/stop/change this? She received and offer form Patch Energy- I find it curious that Patch Energy had no trouble locating her but defendant could not?


It depends if it is pending. If so, contact operator immediately so it does not go into a receivership. If it is already in a receivership you need to go to court. We consulted an attorney and dealt with Patch on this.

HI there…My experience might be different from your but we also received an offer from Patch for interest in Winkler…and it was FAR below market value. It seems many offers come in low and negotiating will increase----if you even want to sell at all.

Who/what is the operator? If in receivership probably best to make a deal with Patch? Is it negotiable ?

We are in receivership- so I am not sure if that will jeopardize her ownership?

I don’t know who the operator is but I would ask the groups contacting you. I would always try to negotiate. If your interest is large then its probably worth it to keep and hire an attorney. Our interest was small so the attorney we called in Midland suggested we sell.

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